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You can test drive the most recent release of RCloud by logging in to the public instance as a Data Scientist or you can view and interact with shared notebooks as a Anonymous User.   Alternatively, you may set up a local instance of RCloud so that analyses are only shared within an organization; see the Download section for more details.

Anonymous User    Read Only

Reproducible Research

Intelligent Dashboards

RCloud Shiny

Interactive Plots

Data Scientist    Read / Write / Execute

Press the 'Log In' button below to access the public instance of RCloud, or type in your browser; for help in setting up a GitHub account and authorizing the RCloud app, check out the 'Data Scientist Access' instructions on our Tutorials page.

After logging in, view sample code by clicking on a notebook name (e.g., RCloud Sample Notebooks/Data Analysis/Maps; NYC Taxi Rides/zips), view sample notebook results by pressing the 'run' button in the navigation bar, or create your own notebook using the '+' key in the left windowshade panel and begin editing by typing code in a prompt cell.

Alternatively, you may use our RCloud Docker package to create an individual RCloud (e.g., single user access).

Every RCloud installation automatically includes Anonymous User and Data Scientist access methods. Details on sharing and security may be found in our Documentation and Tutorials pages.